We help you set up your Accounting office!

Friend Accountant, have you ever wondered how difficult it is to set up your own accounting office? It is not only necessary to have capital and entrepreneurship but experience and name in the market allied with strategies to seek new customers, not forgetting that it is necessary to serve these customers well, to be always attentive to the constant changes in the legislation, trying to be well updated.

During my walk in the profession I realized that the only way for professional growth is to provide a good service, bringing together professionals from the same industry through partnerships programs, association or franchise, which is our proposal at this time.

The Exímio Contábil Franchise offers more than an idea of ​​”selling a franchise” but a friendly partnership for those qualified, so that they can feel safe in this endeavor, for the reason that we will assist in all the necessary steps in the opening of your Accounting Office.

We are constantly sought to open new businesses, that means that we give guidance to entrepreneurs who decide to undertake. We are not only talking about opening a company in government agencies, but we advise businessmen in all their trajectory, being on their side in this way. We will do the same with our future franchise partners.

Do not invest exorbitant amounts in large accounting franchises already consolidated in the market, come to be one of our franchise partners. Your new accounting office is closer than you think, we want to help you!

Odenir Campos
Accountant – Exímio

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