Frequently Asked Questions

We are specialized in pharmacies and drugstores. We initiate all opening process in the competent Government entities. We appoint an Architect of our confidence to make the Architectural Project necessary before the Sanitary Surveillance. We closely monitor all phases of registration at the Regional Pharmacy Council (CRF). We monitor the issuance of all necessary licenses and permits.
We still guide you regarding the processes of change (transfer to other locations) or creation of branches. We guarantee you, pharmacist, tranquility in the process of opening your pharmacy because we are experts in this subject!

Yes, our franchise project is based on Brazilian laws, but we seek to expand internationally. Just understand our growth philosophy, qualify as a candidate and join us.

It depends, if your activity is part of the activities allowed in the MEI and only hire one employee initially and your billing is within the limit allowed, Yes. But be careful, MEI was designated only for small activities so if you already start with a Social Capital Above R $ 10,000.00 it is advisable not to opt for MEI.

All tax and accounting documents must be kept for a period of 05 years, after which they must be incinerated. There is a possibility of return to customers after this period, if the clients request such documents.

Yes. We prefer that the client has the custody of all fiscal and accounting documents, however, it is necessary to send them to the Exímio for the necessary procedures. Soon after the EXÍMIO will return them to the client, under protocol.

Yes, we would be grateful to schedule an appointment with Mr. Odenir to attend you. To avoid waiting time, please let us know when you come, because he could have visiting any client at such moment.

Yes, our franchise proposal was designed for freelancers and small offices, no matter if they have started their business or not. It is essential that for your office adhere to our work policy and think about growing your activities exponentially.

Yes, it can be parceled out. We have decided to offer 50% of discount for franchise fee for the first 10 franchisees because they are partners that will help promote the franchise. At this time we do not accept to pay in services, except in case of partnerships.

Yes, we can renew all of business permits but the last word is given by the fiscal authority who will visit your company at appropriate moment. But do not worry, with the fees already paid you won’t have problems with the inspection. New customers alwys to come to us with overdue licenses, so we have a specific annual renewal schedule.

Yes, we do. DECORE is a Proof of Income Statement made exclusively by Contador, which is us. In order for DECORE to be done it is necessary to present all the necessary documents for each case, which we detail only by telephone or personal visit to our headquarters.

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