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Our skilled team of workers will work together with your Company’s Employees across all Departments to ensure your systems of internal control and Human Resource must align to your business requirements.

Our Experts offer a full range of Solutions such as Bookkeeping, Payroll, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Internal Audit, Personal and Corporate Taxes and Companies opening process. We are specialists in all forms of taxation (Real Profit, Presumed, SIMPLES), highlighting businesses in the fields of Engineering, Civil Construction, Mining and Services taxed by Real Profit.

Customer Insights

We work to make the clients UNDERSTAND our difference: Your fiscal obligations related to the Government done on the time, your Certificates and Permits always in advance, your updated accounting records, their tax for payment delivered always in advance, etc. This is what we want the customer to notice! We understand that Customers contract services because they WANT THEIR PROBLEMS SOLVED, nothing more!

Solutions for accounting services

Classification, accounting bookkeeping and compliance with regulations and accounting principles: BRGAAP/USGAAP/IFRS; SPED Contábil (ECD – Digital Accounting Booking) e SPED Pis/Cofins (EFD-Contributions); Balance sheet and Profit & Loss Statements and its analysis and reporting to management, including DFC; Income Tax, CSLL, Pis e Cofins; Compliance with State regulations; Fiscal Credit recover, Federal consulting related to Fiscal Brazil Federal Revenue.

Classification, analysis and eletronic booking of fiscal documentation regarding the regulations: SPED Fiscal (EFD – Digital Tax Booking); Calculation of ICMS, IPI and ISS; Compliance with obligations stated by Law; Tax planning to ensure the best way to pay less tax complying with the law; Advisory and Consulting related to State, Municipal regulations and Compliance with any tax inspection procedures.

Orientation and control for businesses to help them ensure about the labor legislation as well employee registration; Preparation of payrolls, employees term contracts, terminations, vacations and unemployed insurance; Determination of social charges, union contributions and assistance rates according to the Convention / Collective Agreement has no annoying consequence.

Internal Audit of Processes to improve practices and propose improvements in budget execution. We have addressed a specific methodology for assessing and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes. Audit services for the detection and prevention of fraud, internal control tests and verification of the internal processes and regulations required for the operation of the business.

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