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Audit and Technical Forensics

Internal Audit

Tax and fees, Accounting, Labor, Control and Management Audit, with a view to safety and improvement in the quality of internal processes of your company. We do a work directed to the restructuring of the tax area in order to look for legal ways to pay less taxes (Tax Planning). We work in the following areas:

  • Audit of Accounting and Tax
  • Audit of Inventory Controls
  • Audit in third sector entities
  • Audit for Condos and Associations.

Technical Accounting and Forensic

Working with Forensic Accounting we carry out Judicial forensics cases. As a Forensic Expert registered at the Court of Justice of State of Goiás, Odenir Joviano Campos has experience with Judicial Forensic expertise, with designation of the Judge, with due presentation of the report to be attached to the judicial process.

Elaboration of expert assessment in the areas of labor, social security, civil, tax, revision of Contracts (Consumer Law), review of severance calculations (labor and other, under contract).

Why Conduct Audits?

We know that companies and entities need to have confidence in the reports they receive from their Accounting, we believe that this fact is one of the main reasons that audits are contracted.

An audit may also suggest modifications to internal controls. The Auditor’s suggestions, when adhered to, can prevent fraud as well as contribute to improvements in accounting reports, providing confidence in your information. When an audit is contracted a few preponderant factors to be considered is the domain of the Auditor in the area of operation, the work already done and the years of experience.

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