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Provision of Electoral Accounts

We can render accountability services for governors, senators, federal and state delegates, mayors, and city councilman’s electoral campaign accounts. In addition to political parties and financial committees, in electoral years we provide the following services: Classification and bookkeeping of accounts according to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal – TSE through the SPCE program. Consulting, orientation, control and effective use of legal provision applications related to collection and provided resource expenditure in the accountability of elections process; Execute accessory obligations; Attendance to the procedures of diligence regarding the accountability of accounts requested by the TSE; Training about reporting procedures and details of the resource expenditures used by the campaign team, candidate or party with the availability of a virtual educational KIT with didactic material and models of many documents.

Condominiums & Owners Associations

Exclusive department for residential condominiums, commercial or mixed, with the right tools to give full attention to your needs: Bookkeeping and accounting in accordance with the local tax codes and accounting principles, elaboration of proper reports, balance sheets and statements; Advice and elaboration of: internal convention and bylaws, notices of convocation of assemblies, minutes of assemblies and their respective legal registers; Presence and coordination of general meetings, at the request of the assignee; Preparation and sending monthly condo fees; Publication through a secure connection to our website, each condo member can gain access individual access to all reports including (bank notes) with their respective legal additions (interest) when expired.

Web Design & Internet Partnership

We are proud to announce  2ks Agencia Digital  as a new partnership with us. The first impression remains, that’s why we are personalising our Digital services to reach more clients around the world. We thank  2ks Agencia Digital because of the improvement of our digital marketing.

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